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October 1, 2008 by Jeff

rfk for the Rainbow 100!

Success! I have completed a port of robotfindskitten to the Rainbow 100 (under MS-DOS). The Rainbow version is based on the original C++ code of the IBM PC DOS version with some Rainbow fun mixed in! The file can be downloaded below:

The Rainbow version has some big-character fun added to make it unique. The source was first converted to Turbo C 2.0 (really easy). Then I managed to rewrite the necessary console input/output routines (entirely in C using some int86 magic) to work with the Rainbow’s fast video addressing. The result is a fun and complete version for everyone’s favorite z80/8088 hybrid.

Special thanks to equant for showing me this game in the first place! The source code is contained in the archive if you’d like to see some of the Rainbow-specific routines. I plan to let the folks at the rfk site know about the Rainbow port this week. For all those without a Rainbow, here are some poor quality screenshots:

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