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October 22, 2016 by Jeff

Finishing Touches

The static blog generator, believe it or not, is actually working!  I have a few sample test files that I’ve been working with, and the code seems to be in working order now.  I ran into some difficulties with how the Textile parser was handling exclamation points (every single one triggered the code to generate an image tag), but I’ve more-or-less corrected it now.  The parser, again, is a subset of the Textile markup language, making some pretty reasonable assumptions to keep the code clean.

I did add a few notable items to the code since I last updated this blog:

  • Static files, stored in the project’s STATIC folder, are now copied to the deployment folder
  • A page listing all posts is now generated
  • An INDEX.HTM file is created by copying the latest post to be the default landing page

The very last addition I’d like to add is possibly some parsing of the dates.  In this static site generator, blog post filenames are formatted as YYYYMMDD.TXT as a rule.  I still need to parse the filenames and generate a more friendly date for each post.

I also need to upload a sample project for the site generator.  Once I have the sample site, I’ll be moving on to actually setting up the Rainbow as the web server and beginning my blogging on floppy disks!

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