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October 25, 2016 by Jeff

Figuring Out Some Networking

In order to bring this Retrochallenge static blog online, I first need to figure out the specifics of networking.  Obviously the Rainbow will be located in my house as opposed to a data center, so I had to devise a way to make it accessible to the world at large.  In the past I had used Dyn’s old dynamic DNS solutions, but I really dislike configuring those setups.  In addition, it reveals my home IP, which I suppose could be dangerous.

Clearly the Rainbow has to connect to a modern-ish machine to act as its gateway.  There is no generally available ethernet card for the Rainbow (although a Univation device is rumored to exist in at least a prototype form), so the Rainbow has to speak serially with a machine with a true network connection.  For this challenge, it will be a brand new Raspberry Pi 3:

The Raspberry Pi will connect to the Rainbow eventually using a USB-to-Serial adapter.  While the Raspberry Pi does have a “serial port” built in, there are a lot of caveats that come along with it (3.3v, no hardware flow control, etc.).  The USB-to-Serial adapters are definitely preferable, in my opinion.

To access the Raspberry Pi, I’ve configured a VPN between it and a Digital Ocean droplet that is able to use nginx to reverse-proxy certain URL patterns over the VPN back to the Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi will then, in turn, forward these requests to the Rainbow’s address once the SLIP address is established.

While there appears to be many layers, there should be no confusion: the Rainbow will ultimately be serving web pages itself with its own, true HTTP server, albeit through a pair of reverse proxies.

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