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31 Games in 31 Days

In January, 2010, I was a competitor in the Retrochallenge Winter Warm-up. The point of the contest is to achieve something amazing based on vintage computer hardware and/or software. Other times I had entered, I attempted mostly programming tasks, some of which resulted in TCP/IP stack ports, disk imaging software, and lame games for the Rainbow 100 and Atari ST. The winter 2010 competition led to a large quantity of game reviews.

For my challenge, I attempted to play and review 31 video games for MS-DOS systems. I grew up around MS-DOS computers, and I felt revisiting a collection of games from my youth would be not only challenging, but also enjoyable. All my reviews were posted to this blog. However, for easier browsing, I’ve created a list of games played and links to each one:

  1. Flightmare
  2. Digger
  3. Mind Reader Word Processor
  4. Zork
  5. ZZT
  6. Castle Adventure
  7. Ranadinn
  8. Hard Hat Mack
  9. Sopwith
  10. Spacewar
  11. Arctic Adventure
  12. Monuments of Mars
  13. Hugo’s House of Horrors
  14. Castle of the Llamas
  15. Space Flight Simulator
  16. LoveDOS and CrazyDOS
  17. Bass Class
  18. World Empire
  19. Isle Wars
  20. Stellar Conquest 2469
  21. Capture the Flag
  22. Scorched Earth
  23. Corncob 3D
  24. Moraff’s Entrap
  25. Moraff’s MoreJongg
  26. Secret Agent
  27. Jazz Jackrabbit
  28. Duke Nukem
  29. Raptor
  30. Zone 66
  31. Alien Carnage / Halloween Harry

Enjoy all the games!

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