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Thanks for visiting! My blog mostly centers around my computer hobbies, including programming and vintage computing. Visitors may notice many of the posts are related to RetroChallenge competitions in which I regularly participate. While many of the posts might be trivial, an occasional posting may prove useful.

I’ve worked as an aerospace engineer for about eight years with short hiatus into the world of enterprise medical software. I currently own a small company, Approximatrix, which develops a spectacular Fortran integrated development environment.  I also currently contract with NASA, performing research in the field of gas-path diagnostics for aircraft gas turbine engines.  A far better summary of my professional life is available on my LinkedIn profile.

The site URL,, refers to the Rainbow 100 line of personal computers, produced by Digital Equipment Corporation during the mid-eighties. The ‘bow is by far my favorite machine to work with, and I’m always happy to accept questions about this fine engineering example.


- Jeff Armstrong

@fortranjeff on Twitter

jeff AT rainbow-100 DOT com

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