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With your new position as an elevator operator, you’re tasked with delivering the stick-figure occupants of a 10-story building to all of their desired floors. In the morning, your task might be easy, but as the day progresses and more people arrive, keeping all the building’s occupants happy will become more difficult. Try to be efficient because nobody likes wasting time waiting for the elevator. If too many complaints are registered, you’ll lose this new job.

Elevate! is a simple game involving ferrying passengers up and down a ten-story building in an elevator.  The game was originally written back in 2007 for the PyWeek competition.  Out of curiousity, I decided to port the game to Javascript such that it could run as a Windows 8 Modern application.  After about a week of porting and learning the CreateJS family of libraries, Elevate! was successfully ported to Windows 8.

Since then Elevate! has also moved onto other platforms.  Most notably, it is available as a Facebook app for everyone to play, and the Firefox app is forthcoming.

There are certainly bugs present!  If you find any, please feel free to email me at “elevate” at!