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January 19, 2009 by Jeff

Rainbow Disk Image Utilities

The first half of RetroChallenge Winter Warm-Up 2009 has resulted in the Rainbow Disk Image Utilities. These utilities can be used to generate disk images from RX50 floppy disks on a Rainbow 100 and write images back to disks. The image utilities are compatible with the RAW image format, a popular standard in GNU/Linux and *BSD (via the dd utility) and on MS-Windows/DOS (via the Rawrite utilities). While the programs were tested with Rainbow-formatted floppies, the utilities should work with any disks or images conforming to the RX50′s 80 tracks – 10 sectors/track – 512 bytes/sector format. The archive containing version 0.1 is located at:

The utilities are, coincidentally, also compatible with the output of the wTeledisk utility by Will Kranz. The utility allows the conversion of Teledisk disk images (like the ones found on the Update archives) to RAW image format. The combination of the Rainbow Disk Image Utilities and wTeledisk can be used to recreate boot floppies from any of the Rainbow disk images on Update on an actual Rainbow 100 running MSDOS 2.11 or higher. The utilities were tested and shown to work with both MSDOS and CP/M-86/80 boot disk images. The wTeledisk utilities can also be run on the Rainbow for purists.

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