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Virtually Moving Out

Posted October 30, 2022

It's always a good sign when two blog posts are over 365 days apart. I really should update this more often. Regardless, the blog and all these fun, hosted sites have sadly been moved to a hosted solution. I was running this blog, an image gallery, a Mastodon instance, and Gemini site all on a pair of Raspberry Pi boards (a 3 and and a 4, I believe) in the server room.

When I switched Internet providers recently to a cellular provider as opposed to a wired provider, it really screwed up functionality. I could no longer rely on even a modicum of certainty with my IP address, so it was time to move hosting to a VPS.

One side effect has been that two of my "services" are now down. The image gallery is a custom bit of insane programming that unfortunately relied on a BSD-based UUID library, meaning it won't currently work on my new Debian-based host. I need to do some serious work to get that up and running again.

My Gemini site is also borked because of the move. Fixing that is actually pretty simple, but I haven't bothered yet...

On a side note, this blog is excruciatingly boring. I need to write about something better than the infrastructure pertaining to this blog.

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