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Transitioning to GW-Blog

Posted on October 27, 2016

I've been delaying this post on my "legacy" Wordpress blog because I've been hoping to end this Retrochallenge by posting to my new GW-BASIC-generated blog. With the server now successfully connecting to the rest of the world, I think it's time to start using this bizarre setup.

This configuration also, incidentally, forces me to blog from a Rainbow 100 as well as serve it from (a different) Rainbow. Since the server requires the blog to be on RX50 floppy disks, it becomes easiest to author the actual blog entries on a separate Rainbow, preferably one with a hard disk that has the space for GW-BASIC and a nice editor (Sedt in this case). Trying to author blog entries through a website has always felt unpleasant. In contrast, the simplistic syntax of Textile markup makes authoring a post much more pleasant.

This post serves mostly as a "first post" example. I'll follow up shortly with more. Although, I can't post more that once a day since GW-Blog doesn't support that action...

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