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Posted on May 20, 2017

On a recent trip to my parents' house, I had the chance to climb into the loft in my father's shed. This loft is basically a warehouse of crap I thought was worth saving as a teenager, and the elements have not been kind, generally speaking, to everything left out there. Being on the outskirts of the forest, mice regularly made nests in boxes of goodies we had long forgotten.

I had remembered that my Atari Jaguar CD box had been in the loft the last time I visited, and I had been mildly worried about it. Back in "the day," I was quite the Atari fanboy, and I jumped on the Jaguar bandwagon as soon as it was released. When the CD attachment was announced, I signed up to pre-order the peripheral at my local mall. I still have the CD attachment in good working order from all those years ago.

During this trip, my father asked if I wanted anything else since he was trying to once-and-for-all clean out the shed. I said, "only ifthe mice hadn't nested inside." I was pleasantly suprised to find not only an intact Jaguar CD box (with all the original inserts and manual), but also my original Jaguar box. Both are in pretty damn good shape !

One fun find in the Jaguar CD box was the presence of some postcards that Atari used to mail to registered Jaguar owners ! I had forgottenthey existed at all, but I managed to hold onto six of them, all ingreat shape:

I've posted a small album with all the pictures I took. I think people will especially love that original price tag !

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