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Too Many Projects

Posted on June 30, 2018

Lately I've found myself undertaking a few too many projects. Earlier this year I decided I would try podcasting. Specifically, I wanted to create a one-man podcast where I would read and comment on a book I wrote for National Novel Writing Month back in 2011. I boucght a microphone and a domain in preparation, but I decided to delay its introduction until May so I would have sufficient time for one other item.

I also wanted to finish and release my new game for the Rainbow 100 computer. The BreakOut clone, called Bounce! for whatever reason, was basically complete at the beginning of the year once Microsoft mouse support was working. I just had to add some finishing touches. Those finishing touches, of course, turned out to involve writing a timer on the Rainbow, which quickly got nasty since I don't know what I'm doing. I delayed and delayed since I just didn't want to finish it. That delay, in turn, has delayed the podcast's premiere.

Work has also become increasingly time-consuming as Simply Fortran approaches a new major release. Months of fighting with Windows theming and drawing and interfacing with Git are now finally paying off. But all that work has sapped free time that could have been spent on the other two mentions above.

So at this point, my podcast Jeff Reads His Book is finally in production (if you can call it that). The website is up and ready for an episode to be uploaded, and episode 1 is actually partially recorded. I do have more to record, but I'm seeing progress. The Rainbow game is practically ready, and I don't exactly know what's holding back the release now. I just need to get it out. But so many projects intersecting as the summer months reach their peak is pretty overwhelming !

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