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A Little Reorganization

Posted on December 1, 2016

Regardless of what the Server page says, I've had to temporarily retire the Rainbow server for a few days. The main reason is my attempts to upgrade the web server software, uIP/FOSSIL to support compressed files when available. Basically, the code is written to support retrieving, for example, SERVER.HGZ if available when SERVER.HTM is requested and the client supports it. It's a relatively clean addition.

The actual problem is that I've been trying to build the software using Turbo C 2 on a real Rainbow rather than relying on Open Watcom on a modern system. The joys of watching C code compile for ages adds some charm. However, the resulting executable has some issues with actually sending any response to a TCP/IP request of any sort. Even pinging the server doesn't work. I'm still trying to sort out what's going wrong since it is receiving valid information from the client machine.

Once I do figure out the Turbo C issue, which I'm determined to solve, I'll move the blog back on to the Rainbow. I also need to physically move the Rainbow somewhere else as the AC system fan is quite loud sitting out in my home office.

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