Nonsense from the mind of Jeff Armstrong

This Server

My blog and related websites are currently being served from a VAX 4000/200 minicomputer. Here's some details:

The Hardware

The VAX 4000/200 is a relatively common, entry-level minicomputer in a BA440 cabinet:

This VAX is apparently the fastest Qbus CPU available, which isn't saying much. Some benchmarking shows that it's about 800x slower than an Intel Core 2 CPU.

The Software

This computer is running NetBSD/vax without any issues. The onboard DSSI disk controller is not supported, but I don't have any DSSI drives anyway. All other hardware, including the Emulex SCSI card, is supported.

I don't have any interest in trying to get OpenVMS working on this just based on the licensing hell that it would invite. I definitely don't want Ultrix; I already have an AlphaServer running Tru64, which is considerably more modern and absolutely terrible to try to use seriously these days.